About SmartDrive

SatScan® is a product designed and manufactured by SmartDrive Limited, an independent UK company located in the UK’s Cambridgeshire technology-belt. Established in 1985, SmartDrive have grown to be one of the UK’s leading design specialists within the field of motion control.

Experts in power electronics, motion components, control and vision systems, the business has extended from standalone components such as stepper motors, servo drives, encoders, HMI’s, control panels and motion controllers, through to multi-axis systems incorporating linear slides, vision systems and high level software control.

With a solid heritage in the design and integration of various motion and vision technologies, SatScan® is a natural evolution of SmartDrive’s capability in bringing complex mechatronic solutions together to form a class-leading machine solutions.

SatScan® is supported by a team of technical experts who can advise on initial design through to installation, commissioning and training throughout the world.

For further information, visit the SmartDrive website at www.smartdrive.co.uk.

About SatScan

SatScan® is a revolutionary new technology to capture amazing digital detail at ultra-high resolution. Applying state-of-the-art motion-control technology to a range of vision systems, SatScan® reproduces images at consistently high-resolution, effectively creating a 3,600+ Megapixel digital camera!

At the heart of the SatScan® system is a unique software platform that allows multiple images to be stitched together to produce large-scale, optically perfect, ultra-high resolution images down to micron-resolution. Free from parallax issues, SatScan® is a perfect solution for capturing detailed images for a huge variety of products, especially when precision, accuracy and optical perfection is paramount.

As a cost-effective way to achieve high specification results without the need of a research lab or expensive equipment, SatScan® provides a considerable number of benefits:

  • Perfect in-focus high resolution images of 2D & 3D samples
  • Images up to 76,000 x 50,000 pixels x 24 bit colour
  • Outputs large image files up to 12 Gbyte
  • Accurate topographical maps of products at micron level
  • Perfect images free from wide-angle distortion issues
  • Unique true-scale images throughout whole image
  • 100% of samples captured in full, un-obscured detail
  • Meta Data Creator: outputs data on all individual samples
  • Easy to use on-screen controls
  • Perfect shadowless images throughout
  • Now with time saving off-line image stitching!

With installations across Europe and the USA, SatScan® is gaining momentum as the ‘must-have’ digital solution for leading galleries and research institutes who wish to digitise collections, specimens and works-of-art.

To book a live demo of SatScan®, please e-mail us info@satscan.co.uk or call our UK office on +44 (0) 1487 843 663.

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