• National Gallery of Art Washington

    SmartDrive SatScan Easel used in extensive Hyperspectral and XRF canvas Painting examination

  • Acknowledgement in paper by National Gallery of Art, Washington

    'Two-Modality Standoff Chemical Imaging to Map and Identify Artist Materials in an Early Italian Renaissance Panel Painting'

  • SatScanĀ® Puzzle Stitch

    Instructions and Software Download

  • Datasheet

    SatScan Art [Instrument Moves]

  • Cambridge Research

    Article Horizons Issue 11

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    Learn more about the SatScan Art high-resolution digital scanner

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    See animation of SatScan Art high-resolution digital scanner in action

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    SatScan Art

    High Resolution SatScan images

  • BBC News
    SatScan Art

    Art restorers have been using a special machine to reveal hidden images.
    Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge.

  • Guardian
    Newspaper article

    Tintoretto masterpiece is revealed as experts look for answers to classical puzzles.

  • Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge

    Watch SatScanĀ® Art in action, scanning a portrait of Sir William Fitzwilliam, Earl of Southampton.

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